Facebook album photo downloader

(if some image fails to grab, you will be prompted to try download it again or skip it)



Currently supported browsers: Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera
  • 1. Open Facebook album (or individual pictures) page. (standard mode with all photos as shown in image below, no slideshow)
    Album screenshot
  • 2. Paste this
    in the browser's address bar (in tab/window where you opened FB album and if the album is large, make sure that it is fully loaded with all its images) and press Enter. (Note that some browsers don't paste javascript: prefix, if this is the case, you have to type it manually.)

  • 3. Select all printed text (CTRL + A ), copy it and paste it in PASTE HERE area.

  • 4. Press Get photos.

  • 5. Press Show small images to download small photos, Show large images to download large photos. Press Advanced download options (applet) for activating Java applet and advanced options settings (file path and filename prefix) and ZIP creation options (experimental feature, limitid browser support). First two options will list all images in a new window. You can then save them with browser's Save As (or similar) option. For the last option you will have to approve running applet (since it needs permissions to write data (images) to your local storage).

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